Friday, February 25, 2011

Week In Review

This week has been a fun busy week - we were camping at the beginning of the week, had company over throughout the week and kept busy with several school activities and play! A fun week for sure. I always find it hard to really do a 'review' of our week as there is so much to cover... I never know if I should try to write on some of the subjects, bullet point all we've covered, high light the more exciting parts, etc. I'll get this down eventually!

Holly has been working hard 0n her math - adding and subtracting moving into the teens. She does some of her work with manipulative's and some without. Moving into the higher numbers it is challenging her more and she is wanting to use them a lot more. I let her do some and then had her try some without in which she did a fantastic job. We also talked about how she can check her work in reverse - she thought that was pretty cool!

Reading was big in our house this week! We have read so many, many books - we read to her, she reads to us. Holly's reading has just blossomed and she is loving it. Her confidence has really grown and she is not as intimidated to try new words... finding she can be quiet successful! We did our weekly visit to the library and gathered some new books for her casual reading and several Dr. Seuss books for next week.

We added many new spelling words to her knowledge base this week and spent some time on various word sorts, reading and writing games. We played her Silly Sentence game, a game that is a lot of fun and silly indeed. She also practiced writing skills, free form and structured. Her writing is really nice the hard part for me is that Holly really wants to make it all 'cutesy' with curly tails and dots... wonder where she gets that from? Ha, ha.

For art she did her studies of artists, tried new techniques in art and spent time enjoying traditional kids crafts and painting as well.

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