Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sight Words

We have really worked this year with Holly on reading and sight words - her reading has blossomed. Earlier on if you casually asked her to read she would tell you that she couldn't, even though she could. She lacked confidence. Now, Holly is really enjoying reading to us, to others and to herself quietly.

To get her to this point she really has worked on learning sight words through various games, writing, magnets, repetition reading, work sheets and fun work books. She started a new book to reinforce much of what she knows yet introduce some new sight words. The best part is that she is reading her way through it independently and feeling very confident. She loves it!

She likes how this Scholastic book looks, how it is designed and the variety of activities in it keep her interest. I like that she is able to work very independently with it and feel successful! So far this little book is a win win.

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