Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Clock Work

Holly is really working on her clocks and telling time. She loved her work book, we read her story books and use the pretend clocks a lot. Today she started working on 'half past the hour' and increments of 5 minutes.

I had found this great clock project online from a first grade teachers website... for the life of me I cannot find it again. I'll keep trying and when I do, I'll add a link. Anyhow, Holly put this clock together today. We reinforced it with thicker card stock so that it will hold up for a bit.

The clock is great because it is a traditional clock with hands and normal hour positions. When you set the time, you can pull up the tab to see the relating time in increments of 5 - 5:25, 4:40, etc. It is really helping her to solidify those connections. I am sure it will still take some memorization and practice, but this one drop in the bucket to help her out!

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  1. HI~I really love this clock.I wanted to see if maybe you still have the printable available on your computer to share with us even though you don't have the link to share? We would so love for you to find a way to share with us! This is great! Thank You!