Monday, November 14, 2011


Today the kids made paper turkeys for art, Holly's version and a tot version! They had a lot of fun enjoying this fall art project and it coupled great with a couple of books we had just read together.

This is a very easy turkey to create - I had no pattern, just winded it. I took two different sized circle containers and traced them, larger on the bottom. Connect the two circles with a thin neck. Using the larger circle for the body I guided the two layers of feathers... making each layer larger. You could definitely do more layers if one wanted, we were running low on time so I made only two layers. Then the little wings, beak and gobbler with some google eyes completes this little guy. Super cute and very easy!

For the tot version I made the core body and then let Hudson help glue on the face. Then he had a pile of little fall colored squares to glue on as the feathers. He picked that up very quickly and once again - loved glue work!

Such a fun little project to adorn our walls!

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  1. Both turkeys are so cute. Great tips for making a turkey without having to print out a pattern.