Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Batik

Holly got to enjoy making a gel glue batik once again with our Camp Fire group! This month we are having the kids work on an emblem for arts, fiber arts being the theme which goes in conjunction with a National Art Experience Camp Fire is hosting. The kids have had a fun time making some fiber art projects.

My co-leader set up this project for the kids to do, a gel glue batik. Holly created one of these this summer and it was so much fun with great results we thought it could be a great project for the kids. Here are the directions from her first project.

This time the project was all in fall colors that went beautifully with Holly's design. She created a nature scene - mountains, with a sunshine, clouds, birds, small water feature, tree and a deer. It is very cute! The fall paints really helped to make this a lovely batik! She had a great time creating... and already has an idea for a winter themed one with snowflakes... I might join in on the fun for that one. Can't wait!

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