Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nature Exchange

A blog that I really enjoy reading called The Magnifying Glass is hosting a Nature Exchange this fall season. This will be Holly's first time participating but she is rather excited about it. The gal paired us up with a family from Alabama.... a different region than us. The idea is you collect safe items from nature in your area and package them up to mail to our partners across the country. When I mean safe, I mean baking seeds so they are not able to reseed and ensuring you are not sending invasive species.

We have spent the past couple of weeks collecting little bits from our time in nature - while on walks, while at the beach, from our yard, while on a Nature Club outing and even a treasure collected earlier in the year from Holly's personal collection. This morning Holly made her final selections and packaged up the box to mail out later this afternoon. Soon we should receive her box to learn with. When it arrives I will share!

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  1. What great finds! Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!