Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salt Painting

Yesterday the kids and I all painted pumpkins in a rich water color and then sprinkled them with salt... they turned out beautiful!!!

Before we started this project I shared with Holly all of the supplies we were going to use and asked if she had any idea how we were going to use them. She came up with a few ways, mainly mixing the paint with the salt and painting to create texture. Then I shared with her the actual technique and asked what she thought would happen. She had no idea. So, we started the project.

First we drew our pumpkins in a black Sharpie marker and then using liquid water colors she blended primary colors to get our two secondary colors of orange and a greenish/brown color. Then we proceeded to paint the pictures fairly quickly to ensure they were still pretty wet. Once painted sprinkle a fair amount of salt over the painting. Within minutes you could see changes happening - as the painting is drying the salt soaks up the color of the paint, leaving a unique blotching effect. Once the painting is dry, scrape of the salt by lightly rubbing the painting over the sink. You can see the salt is now the color of your painting... kind of cool!

The results of this project is beautiful!!! Holly pointed out that it made her painting look more 'real' and I agree - it appears to have some natural elements that are not controlled, quiet beautiful indeed.  Holly also tried her technique and some leaves she drew - I think I love them even more than the pumpkins!

Pumpkin is ready for paint.

Painting with liquid water color paints.

Hudson is in on the action most of the time now!

Starting to salt her painting.

Salting away!

You can see the salt.

Hudson is salting his painting now.

Holly's final project!

Hudson's final painting! He did GREAT!

Mom's final project.

Holly did some fall leaves with left over paint - they are wonderful!


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  2. oooh fantastic pumpkins. Thanks for linking to Science Sparks. x