Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Week In Books ~ Thanksgiving

We have a pretty good collection of Thanksgiving books in our home. We have had some of these a few years now and in years past have read them to Holly but this year she is pretty much reading this collection of books to me and then I read them to her after that. Her reading has come so far that she enjoys sitting down with a book now, she has even finished chapter books and lined up her next reads. So, it is fun this year to have her read these Thanksgiving books to us first - a whole new experience!

These are our Thanksgiving books we are using this month. With this collection we are also using a few from last month that are simply pumpkin based, fall harvest or hibernation. We also have a few from the library as well - but we'll be returning them very soon. They have been fun to read!!

Simple overview of the Thanksgiving Story but a bit more to read for Holly.

This book is beautiful book written from the perspective of the native Squanto. Well done and very thorough!!

Simple look at the basic story through a school play production. Fun!

Real photography offering a glimpse into what life may have been like!

Beautiful poetic book looking at the November all Fall season.

Cute book on the Mayflower story.

Silly book about today's Thanksgiving and family.

Another cute and silly book on Thanksgiving and family.

A look back through seek and find and simple counting.

Tot book - but a good overview of the story.

Light first chapter book - cute story.

A turkey hunt... or are they really hunting???

And, a cute twist on the Twas the Night Before....

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