Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WET Science Center

Holly enjoyed a field trip the WET Science Center in Olympia this week with our homeschool group. The program was on where our water comes from, the Puget Sound and our impacts on the Puget Sound. The staff did a great job explaining the Puget Sound region, where our drinking water comes from and giving a great demonstration on underground water. As well, the kids enjoyed a wonderful slide show on life in the Puget Sound and our impacts.

Once they wrapped up the presentation and answered questions, the kids all did a scavenger hunt on water conservation. Through this scavenger hunt they learned about how much water they use, how the water is treated when they are finished with it, where it goes and how to conserve out use.

To wrap up the whole day Holly did the art project they provided, a decorator crab hat. This little project was rather cute and she really enjoyed making it.

The WET Science Center was wonderful - an excellent resource for educating. We will enjoy another visit shortly on a slightly different topic and tour, something we are really looking forward to!

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