Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dinosaur Time Line

Holly has really been looking forward to this new unit study we will spend a few weeks on, dinosaurs!! Each time we wrap up something she asks if the dinosaur study will be next... the time has finally come. She really enjoys dinosaurs and owns a lot of books, movies, toys and games on dinosaurs - items we will use in conjunction with our unit.

To narrow down the concept of 'dinosaurs' we are taking a look specifically at the Mesozoic Era, otherwise this could be to overwhelming and not give much direction in our journey. Within the Mesozoic Era we will visit the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time frames and learn a bit about the time frame, flora and choose some specific dinosaurs to learn a bit more on. To track our study Holly will keep a notebook on her work and create a timeline in which she will add items to along the way. At the end of each time frame she will create a diorama representing what we have learned. I also have a few art projects and a little sculpture up my sleeve she will enjoy.

Today she started creating her timeline. We spent time looking at several ways to make a time line, this was the option she picked. She designed it with color choices, reasoned her length of time line, used a model from a book we own to get an estimation on the length of each time frame and put it together. It was a great project!

Once completed she started with the Triassic Period and read up on it and learned about the plant life. She added a card on the plant life listing plants found then. A great start to her timeline, a lot more to come!! I'll add some updates on her project as we move through it... should be fun!

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