Friday, January 6, 2012

Nature Club - Enviro House

Today Holly took a field trip to the Enviro House in Tacoma at their Refuse Center. As the name might lead to the Enviro House is an environmentally friendly home made from earth friendly products - a beautiful little house. You can learn a TON there about modern ways of constructing and remodeling a home, energy efficiency and more!

On this particular trip though the kids really focused on learning about and reviewing recycling - a focus for our Nature Club during these winter months. We have a great series of field trips set up for the next couple months to enforce conserving, reducing and recycling - being earth friendly.

Today they toured the center and saw a hands on approach to recycling, learned how and what can be done within our homes and lives, what happens to recycled items, how the process works and what to do with challenging materials such as chemicals, batteries, paints, oils and hazardous stuff. Our host also talked some about the garbage dump, how it works and where the stuff goes. As well the kids all got a small tour of a garbage truck, they even got to climb up in it and pull the horn... as in a very LOUD trucker horn. Very fun stuff!

It was quiet eye opening and certainly set up a great conversation on what we can do as a family. Holly enjoyed this trip a lot, we are looking forward to the full series on conserving and recycling!

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