Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Salt Art - Here Comes Jack Frost

Today Holly read the book Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara. This book is beautifully illustrated, the artwork is vivid and really brings a winter feeling to the story. The artwork is a relief in rich blues and white.

After doing some salted paintings late last year I thought we could easily mimic this style of winter artwork from Here Comes Jack Frost. Holly and I had a small discussion on relief work, noting the relief portion is the picture created. On thick paper Holly created her design with blue painters tape. Once she was happy with her design she then painted the entire paper in a rich blue liquid water color and then sprinkled the painting in salt. After the painting dried she scraped the salt off and removed the blue tape to reveal her winter design. It turned out beautiful and she enjoyed comparing her art design to those in the book.

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