Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinch Pot

A recent art assignment Holly did was to work with clay and create a pinch pot. First we talked about what a pinch pot was, saw some examples through an art book we use and watched a small clip online on pinch pots. Then she set to work familiarizing herself with clay and quickly learned it is a bit more difficult to use then play dough. She had to work with the clay with moist hands, really get her hand muscles working and have a lot of patience! She created a little pot with an attached butterfly on the front, making for some sensitive pieces. Over all she loved working with the clay.

We used the Crayola air dry clay, which meant her project had to dry for a few days. Holly had a bit of impatience in the drying process and had to keep touching it to check it... resulting in a small chunk breaking off. A lesson in itself, I made her work with it versus fixing it. Once dried she then painted the pot in watercolors. It turned out very cute and will be a fun touch on a shelf in her room.

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