Friday, January 13, 2012

Art Club - Foil 'Stained Glass'

*First off, sorry for the lack of posting - we have had a busy week, very hands on learning and fun... keeping me away from the computer!

Today Holly & Hudson both enjoyed our monthly Art Club activity. This month the kids all made foil stained glass projects, which turned out beautifully! The project is very easy to do with great results!!

Take a thick card stock and draw a design. When completed you then trace your design in hot glue. After the hot glue has dried completely you will then press aluminum foil over the drawing (folding edges behind). Using your finger lightly rub the art work, working the foil around the textured lines. Once the foil is really worked in you will then color the project with permanent marker, being careful to not color the raised lines. Once you are completed the raised lines will appear to be sodder/lead in stained glass windows and it will be sectioned as such.

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