Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week In Review

This week we were busy, busy, busy and loving it! Holly really moved along in her math and is now working on addition. We'll be playing a lot more games to support her move up in math. Holly has been able to do simple addition for some time, but I think she finally made the connection of numeric sentences and working larger numbers in her head. She has also been mastering her verbal and one to one counting to one hundred.
We also spent a lot more time enjoying our unit on habitats, watching some various videos together, reading a lot of books, various art project, animal sorting and more! We did a small focus on deserts this week and next week we will choose a new habitat to spend a bit more time on. As well we have a fun project she is going to do of finding mini-habitats in our yard to inspect, journal on and note various living creatures that call those places home. Holly really enjoys this particular subject and would do it all day long if I let her... it is hard to transition out of school for the day quiet often, however we are really working on it.

Our week also included some music, making pizza and cookies, more time studying apples, reading aloud to me, puzzles, fine motor skills, large motor skills and a lot of art! A great week!

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