Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Project

Yesterday we made a fun little project together, an 'I Spy' bottle. Holly and I talked about great little treasures we could add to our bottle, collected goodies for it and then created this fun bottle together.
I colored individual rice in various colors (permanent marker), put in the entire alphabet, various colors of buttons, rainbow beads, sparkly beads, flowers, itty-bitty shells, google eyes, jingle bells, small charms, macaroni noodle, corn kernels, etc. A great assortment! I wrote it all down as we collected and added the treasures so that we have a master list of what to find. After we created the bottle I super glued the lid on - tightly.
We'll use this fun bottle at home for fun, however I think I am going to tuck it away in a few days for an upcoming road trip we will be taking... should make for a great car activity. I also see my youngest being interested in something like this. I may make a few more that are a lot simpler - with basic foam shapes or bigger letters for him to explore.
A fun & easy project!

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