Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Collage

To celebrate the beginning of Autumn Holly created an Autumn Collage using papers, paint, scissors. glue and items to create texture. I found this great project from a favorite art teacher's site, she has the best projects I think!.

This project had some simple rules to follow, was a process that she had to create in stages and focused on textures. She first chose some fall colored papers, we mixed up some deeper shades of oranges and green, then she painted the entire paper in that color. After the paper was painted she used various tools to create texture on her paper.
After the papers dried that morning she came back to the project and began to cut out various pumpkins, squash and leaves. She then arranged them on her black back drop, glued them down and added a new layer of gold paint to add a bit more texture - stems, swirls, leaves, etc.

Here is the final project - so beautiful!

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