Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day... What We Did!

Today was our first 'official' day of Kindergarten for Holly, she was overjoyed! I had a good day planned out - however she wanted to do more... as is usually the case. I spent some time talking with her that we are going to take a it a bit slow, enjoy ourselves and incorporate some fun stuff.

As for today, we covered ABC's with a sorting game, reading & writing, math fun, a game of counting to 40, some manipulative's and fine motor skills and worked our way through our first lesson in Moving Beyond The Page. It was a fun day for her.

The hard part, as has always been the case when doing learning at home, is keeping Holly challenged. She becomes offended if I do review stuff with her. For instance, she can count to one hundred and beyond with no problems - however, I want her to really master her comfort level so we did review with a game. Writing, reading and alphabet review... all of those are difficult to find unique ways to make it fun and review as well. Finding those sneaky ways to smooth out her skills... will be hard. But, we will find a way!

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