Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Holly spent some time working on a small science project called Mini-Beasts in a Box. This is where one squares off a specific area out side and studies that square or box for a certain period of time to see what mini beasts might appear.
We gathered the tools necessary, read the project at hand and then headed out to select a couple of areas to work with. Holly chose a spot near a little pond, it included a bit of water and land. She also chose a square of bushes to study. Many fun little creatures were discovered in which Holly recorded in her nature journal.
Around the pond area she found water and shelter needed in a habitat, foods for the slugs, little spiders crawling about, a small snail and flying bugs that landed on the water surface. We also turned a little log nearby to discover more spiders, roly poly bugs, bitty worms, spiders so little you could barely see them and dead bugs.
In the bush habitat area we discovered some really large, dense spider webbing... and soon found the large owner of said webs. The spider is huge! It was eating another bug which was really cool to watch, it looked like another spider it was eating.
This project was a really neat discovery for Holly, she loved getting out and studying nature! We'll do this one again soon, outside of our yard I think to see what other mini beasts we might find.

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