Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chalk Garden

We have been spending a lot of time out doors lately, great time of year! With that we have been observing our garden space - the different leaves, flowers, bunching of plants for larger impact, discussing the different elements in a garden and dreaming of the perfect garden for Holly to enjoy.

Today she took that dream and created her own garden scene for art with chalks. I placed a large paper on he easel and she used our nice chalk set to create. First we reviewed our many talks over the past week or two, looked at several photos online together, read a book on gardens and then stacked a few good garden planning books around her. She then set to create... and a beautiful job she did!

Holly enjoyed using her easel, something she hasn't done for a bit - we'll have to keep it in for a couple weeks. She loves using the nice chalks too. Using these chalks has really helped her to learn blending and softening her lines... a messy experience for certain but oh so worth it.

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