Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Penrose Point

Last week we got together with some friends and visited a state park out on the Peninsula called Penrose Point. This is a wonderful park that we camp at over low tide each year, however the true low tides fell mid-week making camping that early in the season an option we passed on this year. Instead we planned to meet up with some friends for the day and explore!

This beach has a wonderful spit that offers great exploring opportunities when the tide is very low. You want to head out a bit ahead of low tide to enjoy findings along the way, the peak of low tide out at the end of the spit and then slowly head back while the tide is heading back in. It is an art... one we have mastered through the years!

This year was just as wonderful in discovering some amazing creatures! The spit has some pretty large rocks that make great homes for sea stars and sea anemones, crabs are pretty commons and you also find tons of other little critters among the sea weed. The kids adore being able to touch it all - the slime, the smells, the crunch, the waves, the sounds... your senses just tingle with excitement. Holly and Hudson had a fantastic day and adventure!

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