Thursday, May 3, 2012


We  have a small water area in Holly's exploration garden. A couple week back we finally noticed some small egg masses from frogs... which we have a lot of. We went out and checked them daily, saw the growth happening in each egg mass and then one day we went out and one large mass had hatched! Little tadpoles were everywhere in the water. There was still one more egg mass that had to hatch, about two days later it did. We now have a lot of tadpoles to observe both outdoors and indoors.

Holly carefully scooped a few cups of pond water and then scooped up some tadpoles. She had some from each hatch. It was really neat to see the growth difference that just two days or so made. Tadpoles grow so quickly!!!

Indoors we set up a small tank for them, gathered all of our books and I downloaded a great app on our Ipad for a virtual frog dissection. These materials have been used a lot since! We looked up the proper care of tadpoles, even though we do this each year I wanted her to still research and learn. I was going to put up a poster for Hudson to watch the changes as this is his first experience - Holly has done this each year. Instead of a store bought poster Holly decided to make one. She worked hard on it, making sure to include the major changes and draw pictures of each stage! It turned out great!!!

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  1. I have a small fish tank all ready and we're hoping to find some tadpoles too!! I remember doing this as a kid but my girls haven't done it yet. Hoping we find some soon!! :) Great project- thanks for sharing!!