Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nature Club ~ Botany Scavenger Hunt

Last week we met up with our Nature Club friends and enjoyed a wonderful Botany Scavenger Hunt at a local park. This park offers some great nature trails that you can either enjoy lightly or really take off for a good, solid hike -- right in the middle of town. It is a great treasure in my community!

The Botany Scavenger hunt was found at this sight, Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop, there are several great links and project ideas at this site. I printed them and laminated them for forest use. We did some basic review of taking a finer look at the plant world around us, how to be kind in the woods, looked at the scavenger hunt while trying to match a few items I had preselected and then broke up into to teams to hunt.

Our team headed on up and immediately found a large array of different plants. Many different leaf style, seed pods, flowers and more! They would gently select items and bring them back to the chart in which they would work together to identify the style. It was a great teamwork experience as well as learning to take a much finer look at the world around them. We collected items and brought them back to nature journal and inspect closer.

This was a wonderful activity, one we will replicate again soon!

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