Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lego Fun

One of Holly's favorite toys is her Lego collection! She has a nice little collection of various styles.... silo/farm set, several tractors, some cars, a camper and a set that is three things in one - an alligator, a dinosaur and a sea creature.

The camper set is brand new, we just picked this up about a week ago. She broke it open and had it pretty much completed within the hour - with no help! She can sit down with a Lego manual on her own and create the project with little or no help at all. I admire her ability to do this (she is better than I am ), as she has been doing this for some time but now with more ease than before.

Building these Lego Sets offers her a chance to enjoy some independent play, direction following, reading and planning as well as some free creativity with her general set of Lego's. As well, in our homeschooling group we have started a Lego Club. Last month was our first meeting, today is our second. We are fortunate that a member owns a really large collection and she shares them all with us at our meet up. The kids are encouraged to build something either at club or from home and we finish up our get together with a circle time in which they can share their creation. Holly is excited to bring along her camper to share today... I am excited that she gets these small chances to share and gets a chance to speak in front of a group. Legos have been pure enjoyment and have offered so much to our learning, I am glad we incorporate these into her toy collection as they offer so much!!! ,

This is the set she is currently working on.

Finished camper -- right up her alley!

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  1. Kate would love that alligator (slash dinosaur slash sea creature... she'd be all over that!)