Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Place Value Review

As we are gearing up for the upcoming school year I have decided to a bit of review work with Holly on subjects we didn't cover as in depth as I'd have liked last year. She had a great year in math and is a natural at it I think, however we did not do a whole lot with place value in her Kindergarten work - I wanted to get a jump start on that for this year.

I picked up this great book that is completely on place value and we broke out some of our manipulatives. I was worried it would take a bit for her to get it... not at all. She picked it up immediately! Once she picked up the pattern and made the connection she moved right on to connecting the place values of  1s,10s, 100s and 1,000s. We'll still do some more review to really solidify it for her, she enjoys playing with it all. I think being pretty quick at adding has already helped with grasping this concept - but now I want to reverse it for her and show the approach of breaking her math into tens and hundreds for quicker calculations.

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