Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekly Cooking ~ Mini Pizza

We do at least one cooking experience a week with Holly, often times more! This week she was able to pick a menu for dinner one evening and her choice was mini pizzas. I took her to the store where she chose all of her ingredients, she even selected to use Jiffy pizza dough mix vs making it from scratch - which is fine with me as we've done both. She then shopped for all the toppings and did the transaction at the cash register. I am going to start including the shopping/planning portion more this year with our weekly cooking experience.

We came home and she set to work reading the directions and making dough. She then divided it to personal portions and created the pizzas. I am bummed as I took photos along the way... but forgot to take one them baked. I can promise you though that they turned out wonderfully! A fun little cooking project!

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