Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nature Club

Friday we met up with a wonderful group of fellow homeschoolers for Nature Club. Several children were learning about nature journaling and Holly was breaking hers out again for the new year, with new focus. Our host did a nice little talk about taking a walk in nature and how to use our journals. Then the kids hit the trail for a nature scavenger hunt using their journals. They had to look for various signs of life in nature such as trees, animals, signs of life and plants. The kids did a wonderful job of really slowing down their nature walk, stopping to observe and listen, finding the smallest of treasures to taking in the big picture.

A little highlight for the kids was when we were on the bridge over Snake Lake working on journaling and one of the kiddos heard a rustling sound in the greenery over the little lake. He waited to see what it was and out pops this little raccoon. The raccoon was rummaging through the greenery throughout the lake putting on quiet a show for us - the kids loved it! This was a great example for them to slow down, listen, observe and see what happens in the moments you are enjoying nature... because it is always changing! You can see the little raccoon's face below in the shot of greenery, such a cute little thing!

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