Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pond Viewer & Nature Club

We met up with our friends in Nature Club at Deep Lake this Friday to create pond viewers, try out pond viewers, take a nature walk around the lake and take some time to draw in nature journals. The outing was an all day affair, really wonderful and a lot of fun! The kids played, explored, picked berries of all kinds and enjoyed swimming in a lake... for some it was their first experience in a lake! Great memories for sure!

To make a pond viewer is very simple. You take a larger empty metal coffee can and cut both ends off with a can opener. Then you will put Saran Wrap over one end and secure with a rubber band, making sure the Saran Wrap is taught. Then use duct tape to secure it in place. You now have a pond viewer. To use a pond viewer (or river viewer, lake viewer, stream viewer) you step out a bit into the water and submerge the viewer Saran Wrap side down until the water is almost near the top. Don't let the water in the can. You can now look through your can allowing you to see under water to seek out critters. On this outing the kids found snails on the bottom on Deep Lake, little fry sized fish and some bug like swimming creatures. It was a lot of fun!!!


  1. I need to make one of those I've seen it a couple of times and thought it was cool

  2. oh what fun, definately going to make one :)

  3. Great project! We'll have to try that. We went wading along a lake shore earlier this summer and could have used one then.