Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature Club

I have mentioned on this blog before about my desire to get a little Nature Club together, people with like interests and desires to emerge their children in nature. Holly adores nature, it is a very natural fit for her and our families life style. We do a lot already with nature, however enjoying nature with a group of like minded people can offer up so much more in lessons, opportunities, group activities and resources. This was a dream for the past school year... however, for this upcoming school year it is now a reality! We are excited

I have met some other wonderful homeschooling mommas who share the same love for nature that we do. They too had the same hope for a Nature Club -- our paths crossed, I am sure it was meant to be! We have been talking over the past month or so, met to discuss ideas and finally created a several month plan for this new group. We have some wonderful ideas that will include nature walks, nature journaling, observing up close, pulling samples, natural art projects, hands on learning, taking adventures, exploring new areas, field trips and dissections. I think this is going to be a very fun journey!!!

For Holly I am using our Nature Club as a foundation for much of our science this coming year. We will be really diving into a nature study - taking time each week to be outdoors: observing and recording. We will be using a wonderful site I have been following for some time called the Handbook of Nature Study in which I hope to have us participate in the Outdoor Hour Challenge: Nature Close to Home. This site is fantastic and such an amazing resource of information, ideas and inspiration! As well, we will be using the Handbook Of Nature Study book by Anna Comstock, Keeping A Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth, The Young Naturalist - An Usborne Guide by Andrew W. Mitchell and a traditional nature journal that Holly will continue with.

The Nature Club is going to be such a fun adventure!

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