Monday, July 18, 2011

Ocean Books & Films

With Summer as our main focus I have not posted as often as I'd like... I am going to try and do better on this! Schooling is still happening in between the homeschool activities, visits with friends and family, camping trips, day trips and more. Life is really - very busy!

I did want to share with you that we are still enjoying a theme of 'Oceans' for the summer. Some books that we have been really enjoying I am going to share. Some of these are geared towards children and others are just wonderful resource books we have borrowed from the library. As well as a wonderful book collection we have been enjoying a variety of documentary movies from Netflix. These have all been a lot of fun to enjoy!

Some films we are viewing are:

The Blue Planet : Seasonal Seas & Coral Seas
The Blue Planet: Tidal Seas & Coasts
The Blue Planet: Ocean World & Frozen Seas
Coral Reef Adventure
Under the Sea: Imax film

And, here are books we are enjoying:

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