Friday, May 20, 2011

Ant Experiment

Today Holly started a new insect study on ants. Since it is a lovely day out the first thing she did was set up a science experiment outdoors. The experiment calls for a small plate divided into eight sections. Each section has a small sample of different foods. She chose: banana, brown sugar, sunflower seeds, cheese, meat, cheerios and chocolate. Then we place it near an ant nest (ours is under the concrete with little entry spots) to see how the ants respond to the food offerings - if they are interested in anything, what will it be?

While she was setting this up I was trying to determine in my mind what the ants would be most partial to... boy was I wrong! Holly made the prediction that the ants would 'like all of it'. Hmm, I wonder what happened?

They went for the sunflower seeds.... carried them off to their little ant hole.

Down their hole it goes....

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  1. Okay, that is a cool idea for studying insects.