Monday, May 16, 2011

Lady Bugs

We are starting to enjoy some unit studies on insects... starting with the lady bug. Today we discussed the anatomy of a lady bug and learned the basic parts. We enjoyed some reading on lady bugs and found some really wonderful online resources including youtube videos that were pretty good. Holly created a cute little life cycle wheel of the lady bug. Then to finish off our school day we headed out to the garden in search of lady bugs. I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed as we usually find plenty... but today only three. However, it was great to find them and really take a look knowing the parts of a lady bug. It made for some great fun!


  1. Visiting from ABC and 123. We need to head out to our garden and look for ladybugs today. My boys would love investigating them!

    Stay and Play

  2. I really like the lady bug life cycle project you made. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  3. Oh, we are doing Ladybugs next week! I'd love to know more about the online resources you found if you don't mind sharing!

    We started with caterpillars, on to butterflies this week and them ladybugs next week followed by bees, ants and more insect/buggy fun!

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