Monday, May 23, 2011


We are spending some time on ants - last week Holly enjoyed a great experiment, we looked for ants all weekend, she followed an ant, we have been reading some books on ants, watching a couple of short videos on ants and even enjoying an ant farm.

Holly got a neat little ant farm from good friends for her birthday, it has worked great with our insect studies! This little ant farm is wonderful and kind of unique in that their home is all gel - you can see right through it. The design is similar to one used with the space shuttle to study ants in space, in which they could not use a traditional ant farm as the tunnels would collapse. So, they created this gel home - the gel holds all the nutrients the ants need as well. It has been fascinating to watch the development of their tunnels and work. They are busy little things!

We are spending a bit more time on ants as I have some art projects planned, more books and she is creating a small lap book on ants too! I'll share the lapbook at a later date when it is all finished.

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  1. That ant farm is rather interesting. Maybe I'll break down next time we study insects and get that ant farm.......