Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work!

Well, the holidays are behind us and it is time to start back in with some school work. With the new year we are taking a new approach to Holly's schooling. We spent the first half of the year getting our feet wet with homeschooling and now it is time to start encouraging more 'independent work'. So, we are going to try out work boxes for her. I believe this will be up her alley.She has nine boxes filled each day with a variety of her school work, some is strictly for independent work and others are for us to work on together. I will teach in between her work choices and help her to combine projects that work well together. If we have larger scale projects or lessons, they might be included in her work box, but rather a smaller fun project would replace that.Holly is very excited to see how her boxes are filled and likes the idea of selecting her work in the order she would like to do it. Should make for a nice second half of the year!

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