Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We are here!

We are here! Holly is still learning. Fun is still being had.
Mom is just slacking on the blog, that is all.

Life is just busy, as we all know. The holidays add that little bit of excitement to the air, activities to the calendar and fun to the day. In the mean time we are still enjoying schooling.
We have been working a lot on our weekly sight words and reading. I finally picked up a couple sets of magnet letters I have been desiring. With them Holly has been practicing her spelling list for the week. She spells them out and reads them to me. We talk about the word. Then we play a game of hang man with the magnet letters on her white board. It is a lot of fun! She is also enjoying a new website called Spelling City in which we use her weekly words for learning and games. A different way to learn that interests her!
Holly has been reading a lot lately. Really working her way through some tougher words and the idea of doing this on her own. At first she told me she would not like to read to me because she was worried I would stop reading to her. That took a few days to sink in for her that things would not change with our reading. Books are really big in our family and reading to our children will always happen.... as long as they let us!

Art is happening daily, often several times a day. Cooking is happening every couple of days. We are enjoying parks and playing, friends and activities!
We take our weekly trip to the library for a new stock of books, movies and music. The libraries in our area are really wonderful -they have a nice variety as well as many other community offerings too. We are fortunate to have great libraries!

Life is good!

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