Monday, January 24, 2011

The Joy of Homeschooling

The joy of homeschooling... so many joys are to be had, however flexibility is one of them I treasure most!!! The flexibility to change your day to be in tune with your child or accommodate a new adventure. Today was a good day for flexibility.

The work box was filled, the plan was created and there was work to be done. Holly also had a science class to attend. The theme was Fossils & Rocks - a favorite of Holly's by far.

The day at home started with wanting to look at her one of many dinosaur books and then it soon evolved into watching Walking With Dinosaurs (which is amazing by the way). We headed out for her class where they talked a lot about fossils, inspected many, Holly brought some to share, they colored some pictures and then created their own 'modern day' fossil craft project.

After returning home she pulled out yet more books, did a dinosaur puzzle, played with her Playmobile dinosaurs, colored in her coloring book and asked to go to the library to get more books on dinosaurs. So, we loaded up and went out to get more books.

Flexibility. She had a serious desire today to do all things dinos and fossils so we went with it and scrapped our other school plans. The joy of homeschooling! Sure we'll make up the work throughout the week, nothing to major as it is Kindergarten - however, for now Holly sits engrossed in a new book. Can't beat that!

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