Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Day to Day Stuff

Often times on this little blog I'll post a fun art project, outing or experiment that Holly has enjoyed -- but, please know there is that day to day stuff we do all the time. The reading, math, writing, listening, science, history and so much more! Typically we cover at least eight to ten different subjects/activities a day if not more, depending on how in depth we are on them.

Today for instance we started with reading, I read Holly a great book on weather that does a nice job breaking down how weather works and what a meteorologist does. Then she read three books to me. After reading we moved over to spelling words for the week - reviewed reading all of her sight words (sounding out some, knowing others and stumped on the tough ones) there are about 75 of them right now, she wrote out her weekly words several times and then spelled them out with magnets on our board. Holly worked on math and subtraction, diamonds on the geo board, a word search of winter related words, did some copy work with a four line poem on snowflakes, did her 100 sheet and we did a lot of talking about the weather for the day as she filled in her weather graph.

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