Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Absorb & Repel

For science today Holly did a little experiment on whether water will absorb or repel on certain items. I had collected a bunch of little items and she was set up with a small dish of water and an eye dropper.

Holly had to look at the materials and hear what we are doing with them and then she made a prediction. Her prediction was "I think it is going to get wet." We then discussed just how wet she thought the items would get and why. Then she set to work choosing and item, making a prediction for each item as to if the water would either absorb or repel. Holly placed a drop of water on each item and watched to see what would happen, we discussed it and then she categorized them.

When all of her items were sampled she looked at her collection of 'absorb' and 'repel' to determine why the items did what they did. She determined the items that absorbed the water were softer and had holes in them, which soaked up the water. The items that repelled the water were hard and solid, or had no real wholes which repelled the water.

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