Thursday, March 1, 2012

Triassic Period Diorama

Holly wrapped up the Triassic Period this week in her dinosaur unit this past week and with that she completed her Triassic Period diorama. I asked her to include vegetation and at least three dinosaurs we looks at and one other kind of creature. She used her main dinosaur book we worked with as inspiration and her notes on vegetation and such.

She first painted it out and then the next day started working on her dinosaur choices and vegetation ideas. Holly included an Alwalkeria, Plateosaraus and Gojirasarus. She included also included snakes. For her vegetation she included ginkgo, a conifer, cyad and a horsetail.

It turned out beautifully and honestly she loved creating this! Giving her some perimeters to work within was a nice challenge. This was her first time creating a diorama - so I was a bit easier on her guidelines. When she works on the Jurassic Period one next time I will increase the expectations a little more.

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