Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art Lesson ~ Color Value

This week Holly did a lesson from our Atelier curriculum on color value. We use this in conjunction with many other art resources and ideas I have. She watched a short video where the gal taught about color value and then shared the lesson. I like this method with Holly simply because it changes things up some!

She had to draw a clown that filled an 18 x 24 inch paper. I provided several examples of clown photos, we looked at some in books and some online. She then used a small diagram of clown face part that comes with the curriculum. After drawing her clown she then used one color to complete her color value lesson - yellow. Learning to add both white and black to the color yellow was good for her, she had to work carefully and not rush to get the color desired... subtle changes. Once practicing her color values her goal was to then paint the clown using at least four different colors from her various yellows she created.

Her clown turned out really cute! She took her time and did a beautiful job!!

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