Monday, March 5, 2012

Fizzy's Lunch Lab

We have been using some fun Health Lessons from PBS this winter, they have been great! Holly has been working her way around various aspects of food and the health benefits offered. The lessons are fairly short, easy to accomplish, open up dialogue and include some fun cartoons from Fizzy's Lunch Lab. Typically her lessons have started with a very short cartoon clip, we do the lesson at hand and then she might watch one or two more small clips to bring the ideas together.

Today her lesson was on whole grains. I unloaded the pantry with both whole grain and processed grain foods. We discussed whole grains, looked at whole grains up close, looked at labels on food, talked about foods we eat and then enjoyed a whole grain snack of freshly popped (on the stove top) pop corn. She enjoyed this lesson a lot... because it involved pop corn - but I enjoy it because it is opening her mind to a better diet, how it helps her to stay healthy and feel her best!

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