Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Point Defiance Zoo

We recently took a trip to our local zoo, Point Defiance Zoo, with friends from our homeschool group. The weather was actually pretty good for winter - no real rain, dry skies until the last few moments as we headed for the car. It was cool, which helps with animal activity we have found... really hot days are NOT fun at the zoo for both people and animals.

We spent time discovering one side of our zoo where the kids all enjoyed tigers, elephants, lemurs, tapirs, anoas, the aquarium and more! I had let Holly have just a mellow day at the zoo, no real focus for studies - just enjoy and take it in. She however decided to bring her pack along with her notebook, a small mini book she created and colored pencils. Throughout our visit she bringing her supplies out to do some drawings and write facts out. All on her own!

It was a really great day and we are so glad to have enjoyed that time with friends!!

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