Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunflower Paper Pots

A fun project to go with our plant unit, Spring and gardening in general are the newspaper starter pots we made. These are so, so easy to do and fun! When your seeds sprout you just put the paper pots right into the ground and the newspaper will decompose into the soil. Here are the steps to create these little pots.
You take a 1/2 sheet of newspaper (not glossy) and fold in half length wise.

Place a small cup on the sheet about 1/2 way across.

Next, roll the paper around the cup - not too tightly, not too loose either.

Once rolled the end will look like thisTuck all the end bits up into the cup.

Remove the cup.

Push the tucked in bits back down flat to create the bottom of your pot.

You are done!!! Create, add dirt and seeds ~ Enjoy! We planted mammoth sunflowers... I have a ton of seeds and a strong feeling we will be in sunflower heaven later this summer.

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  1. I would suggest that in the future, you use non-colored sections of the newspaper. The colored sections can have lead in them. Ok for flowers, not ok for food items. (I worked at a newspaper for a while which is how I know about the ink.)