Thursday, April 28, 2011

Campfire & Art

One activity that Holly is in outside of 'school' is Campfire. We meet up once a week and she enjoys a nice evening of activities, earning patches, doing some community service projects and making friends. This month the kids have been working on their art competition and patch.

The theme is painting - in which they have tried out at campfire. An art teacher came in a held a class on Aboriginal Dot Art. The kids learned about through books and a story, then tried their own hand at it. The next week they sampled water color painting... Holly's favorite. We have read about painting and yesterday we went to the Tacoma Art Museum to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit/paintings - which was amazing! (Wish we could have taken photos from the actual exhibit, bummer!)

Now, Holly has finally made her decision on which painting she wants to enter into the actual competition. She decided on one of my personal favorites a rainbow scene. I love her little details like the heart tree, the rain & sun... to make a rainbow of course and the itty bitty bird hopping along. She enjoys water color painting a lot. We had done a lot with water colors but only recently purchased real water color paper which makes such a huge difference in the quality of painting. She has enjoyed this months theme of art & painting!

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