Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nature Walk - Signs of Spring

Spring is just around the corner... we are much, much too excited! Excited to get back outside comfortably, excited to do more outdoor nature studies again, excited to get our garden seedlings started, excited to spruce up Holly's exploration garden and playhouse area and excited to hit the park a ton. In the mean time we braved the cool, windy and wet weather of our final days of winter in search of signs of Spring. Guess what? We found some!

As we were walking Holly noticed the lively song of several frogs in the background - they were very busy calling out to each other. The trees were a flutter with several different kinds of birds tweeting about. Buds were popping out on several trees along the way. And, we even found a couple of little flowering plants... all great signs that Spring is just a matter of days away.


  1. Lovely pictures! And I love those boots, too!

  2. I want to live where you do! This is our version of signs of spring -- the kids took the photos.