Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechaun Trap

Last year was Holly's first year making a leprechaun trap. She was bummed it did not work so she tried a completely different trap this year. This year she came up with several designs over a couple day period, discussed them with Bryan, she went over the different supplies we had on hand and came up with her new leprechaun trap for this year. I think she might have been inspired by Swiss Family Robinson's tiger trap for the pirates as her design is very similar in theory.

This year she used a tissue box that she covered in green paper decorated with various St. Patrick's Day designs. Then she added a rainbow in which the 'gold' to attract a leprechaun would be placed under. Over the opening of the tissue box she wanted to create a nest of rainbow paper to hide the hole. Below the rainbow nest was a sea of tape that was placed there to 'stick' the leprechaun when he fell in. Then he could not escape.

Well, what happened is - when the leprechaun fell through all the rainbow paper stuck to the tape... making it not sticky. He took the gold, left a treat and took off. So sneaky!!! What impressed me about this part is that Holly immediately figured out the flaw of her trap - the paper ruined the sticky tape. She already commented that next year she'll have to come up with something better.

While this is a fun project, she really enjoyed it once again. She worked her little brain to design something from the supplies we had on hand, discussed with us how a trap might or might not work, reasoned out why and had to be very creative! I am excited to see what her design will be for next year.

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