Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Eggs & Ham

Today was a day all about Green Eggs & Ham.... well, that and Dr. Seuss's Birthday! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We started our morning out with reading Green Eggs & Ham - we took turns reading, Holly read a page and then I would read a page. She then did a book review of the book. As we are doing these little book reviews I am learning that she thinks these books are just 'all right' - she doesn't love them, but doesn't dislike them... they are just okay in her book. Who knew!

Holly also started a science experiment, the rubber egg. She did a sheet about her hypothesis and wrote about how the experiment started. Then tomorrow she will take a look at it again to see how things have changed or not. For now we have an egg floating in vinegar sitting near the kitchen sink.

She also enjoyed watching Green Eggs & Ham. Thanks to a friend who let us borrow a couple of movies for the week - making for some great TV time in which we normally do not do. So Holly is loving that part. Holly also did an art project of green eggs and ham and she baked a birthday cake for Dr. Seuss.

To cap the day off we had a Dr. Seuss Dinner of green eggs and ham with Cat In The Hat pancakes and hash brown casserole. At first Holly was not sure of the green eggs and ham... then she asked for seconds. Holly I am, I like Green Eggs & Ham!!!

It was a fun day!

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