Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second Grade

Last week Holly started second grade!! The year promises to be a great one in which we have some fun stuff planned, special interest units she desires, a load of nature, hands on projects, reading and games -- this along with our traditional core curriculum and I think the year will be fantastic!

I thought I'd share what curriculum we are using for second grade, keeping in mind this is not every little book, program or part we will be using. It is flexible and I am willing to make changes as I see fit or needed.

Second Grade

Math - Horizons, level 2
           Games, Computer, Ipad & Manipulatives
           Living Math
           Math Journal of word problems & concepts

Penmanship - Modern Cursive
                       Drill Sheets
                       Daily Handwriting Practice: Contemporary Cursive

Language/Phonics/Writing - Horizons, level 2
                                             Writers Workshop
                                             Journal Work
                                             First Language Lessons
                                             Poetry Notebook

Spelling - Weekly list from phonics & unit work
                Spellboard on Ipad
                Handwriting work

Science - Real Science 4 Kids (Physics, Astronomy & Chemistry)
                Nature Club Outings & Journaling (large selection of books)
                Nature Workbook
                Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding
                Programs on the Ipad
Art & Music - Atelier Art
                     Art Treasury, Usborne
                     Big Book of Art Ideas, Usborne
                     Guitar & Piano introduction
                     Youth Chorus
                     Programs on the Ipad

Reading - Daily reading time, 40 minutes
                 Book list for the year

Health - Why Should I Bother to Keep Fit, Usborne
              Body Unit

P. E. - Swimming
           Seasonal Sports
Geography/Social/History - World Religions, Usborne
                                            Expedition Earth World Study
                                            Programs on the Ipad
                                            Pioneer Sampler
                                            Native American History Pockets
                                            Early Western Settlement


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