Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Niqually Delta

About a week ago I took the kids down to Nisqually Delta park, just them and myself... it was really nice! Typically we do many of these outings with a larger group and I have to say that I loved enjoying this day with just my two kiddos. They were on their very best behavior, very engaged, cooperative, inquisitive and joyful!

The park was rather quiet as the weather was not the most promising. We lucked out and enjoed the few hours in between rains squalls, in fact the sun came to visit us. With the park being quiet it offered ample opportunity to find animals we don't normally find such as racoon, mice, rabbits, snakes, frogs and turtles. The forest was filled with song from more birds than we could count... it was amazing!

We took many opportunities to just sit, watch and listen versus rushing along the boardwalk... we slowed down! Slowing down truly ensured we found all of these amazing sightings, watch bird behaviours, listened to bird songs and located the matching birds, watched raccoons forage and rabbits nibble. It was amaizing! All of this really inspired Holly to nature journal - and both Hudson and I joined in.

It was a beautiful day!!

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  1. I always forget about this beautiful place so close to home. Maybe we should venture out here again.