Friday, April 27, 2012

Puyallup Fair Field Trip

Earlier this month we enjoyed a wonderful field trip to our state fairgrounds, not for the fair but to learn about agriculture in Washington State. They have a great educational program that introduces agriculture to children who are not exposed too much. They go through three mini tours based on poultry, agriculture and farm animals.

The poultry barn introduces the general topic - what kind of birds do we use, the life cycle of chickens, egg production, candling an egg, various types and styles of chickens and eggs, how to care for poultry, etc. They had many hands on exhibits, games for kids to try, real life visuals, candling egg station, weighing eggs, puzzles and books.

The animal barn was was very hands on. They had a large assortment of animals and some were even available for petting. After getting a small tour and learning about various animals we entered the petting farm portion where they had different varieties of goats, sheep and alpaca. They also had some different styles of rabbits to pet. It was so much fun!

The agriculture barn focused on agriculture of our state. She did a presentation on what agriculture is, showed a huge map of big products from Washington, discussed gardening and the different types of foods we eat, they had a worm bin, seed matching to produce, games, puzzles and more hands on stuff. It really made some great connections for Holly!

This was a wonderful field trip - she learned quiet a bit and enjoyed seeing our state fair through a new angle as an educational outreach program!

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  1. Visiting different barns such as poultry barn is really fun and educational. I hope more schools will include barn visitations in their curriculum. It is a great way of instilling in the minds of young students the importance of caring for the environment and respecting animal rights.
    Kevin Noel